Why I Need Funding Assistance

Hello Backers and supporters of my Arctic Circle 2019 Arts & Sciences Expedition Kickstarter Fundraiser at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sandrahawkins/arctic-circle-2019-arts-and-sciences-expedition-re?ref=creator_nav

Sandra Hawkins: Arctic Expedition, acrylic on stretched canvas, 36″ x 48″w. Available for purchase. Contact: shawkins@rogers.com

This is a rare international opportunity for a Canadian artist to engage with other professionals from across the globe and different disciplines on climate change issues, such as rising ocean levels and disappearance of coastal habitats. Its already an achievement for me to have been one of 26 selected out of hundred’s of applicants.

Here are reasons why I need to raise funding to get there.

  1. Most expensive region on Earth. Svalbard Archipelago, Norway is in the remote deep arctic, just 200 miles from the North Pole. Ship provisions must be purchased in advance.
  2. Residency fees are in US dollars. Despite The Farm inc. NYC, a nonprofit charitable organization, subsidizing the Arctic Circle Expedition fees, for a Canadian artist the US dollars are difficult for most independent Canadian artists.
  3. Commitment to climate change discussions through my art. There is synchronicity of my art research and the Arctic Circle Expedition mandate contributing to furthering climate change discussions.
  4. International and interdisciplinary collaborations: The Arctic Circle Expedition programming fosters collaborations between international creative thinkers across the arts and sciences, both during and with post residency projects.
  5. Builds on my 2013 Canadian Arctic experience and artworks: This 2019 uniquely water-based tall ship perspective builds upon and complements my 2013 land-based self-directed research residency in six Canadian central arctic communities.
  6. To help with residency fees, travel, art supplies and arctic clothing: Funding will go directly to residency fees, Ottawa-Longyearbyen Svalbard travel, painting and photography supplies and a pair of specifically required Arctic Tall Muck boots for gripping ice.

The reasons I chose Kickstarter platform

  1. Backers are reassured donations go to the project: The Kickstarter all-or-nothing platform reassures Backers that if my $7500 project goal is reached by March 31st, their pledge becomes a donations that will actually go to the project.
  2. Backer Thank You Gifts/Rewards: The post ripple effect for backing my Expedition project is a thank you gift inspired by my experience.
  3. Ideal fundraising platform for independent artists: The Kickstarter platform is ideal for independent artist like myself who are not affiliated with a supportive corporate or educational organizations
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