Asking for Support

Having raised funds and lobbied for social causes all my life, I hadn’t anticipated how hard it would be for me to ask for support from friends, family and community groups for my project.

Its been made easier because I truly believe my art contributes to the larger global issue of climate change discussions, and this residency is about this.

Its an achievement to have been selected out of hundreds of applicants from around the world and in different disciplines for this amazing Arctic Circle 2019 Arts and Sciences Expedition, Svalbard Archipelago Norway.

As mentioned in an earlier post, after the glow of being accepted for this rare professional international artist opportunity, the biggest challenge, so far is finding the economic resources to get to this remote area of our globe from Ottawa Canada.

When I say just getting started, I’m also referring to my steep learning curve to launch what is essentially a social media fundraising campaign. I am a multimedia artist, but its still a challenge working across many different platforms. At this point, content isn’t an issue because I had to edit that down for the Kickstarter launch.

Kickstarter video: My art contributes to climate change discussions
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