Arctic Expedition & Kickstarter Connection

The purpose of this blog series – is to share my preparations for the Arctic Circle 2019 Arts & Sciences Expedition Residency, an international exchange between professionals from different disciplines and parts of the globe on climate change issues.

What is the Kickstarter Connection?

I’m happy to say we are going into the 7th day of my Kickstarter campaign to reach a goal of $7500 in pledges by March 31. This is a funding platform used for professional creative projects. I have developed this kickstarter to help me get to the Arctic Circle 2019 Arts & Sciences Expedition Residency Svalbard Norway June 9 – 26. If successful in reaching the $7500 goal by the March 31st, supporter/backers receive a thank you gift listed beside the amount they pledged at the Kickstarter page upon completion of my residency project being funded.

About The tall ship, Antigua

The pictures above show the tall ship, The Antigua, and its layout. Its 162 feet in length with 16 cabins and 3 decks. We’ll be sailing amongst the glaciers and fjords of the four islands that comprise Svalbard Archipelago, part of Norway, but quite a bit further north. While writing this in the short dark days of Canada’s February, I’m dreaming of the June Solstice inside the Arctic Circle with 24 hours of daylight. Perfect for working on my creative research collaborations, photography and water colour painting sketches.

Previous Canadian Arctic Circle Residency 2013

It will be a stark contrast to my January/February 2013 self-directed artist residency inside the Canadian Arctic Circle. For that research I had purchased a Nikon D600 I was told was ideal for low light. There was a significant body of work that came out of that residency that has shown locally, across Canada and internationally.

The 2 1/2 Week Expedition versus Getting There

The 2 1/2 week Expedition on a tall ship will be both a professional and personal adventure. Developing, launching and promoting a kickstarter campaign for the first time is a steep learning curve for me.

I’m grateful for each pledge, and for my Kickstarter link to be shared with friends, family, colleagues, strangers, groups and more.

Having a committed core group of supporters who believe in my mission and who will promote the kickstarter for pledges is crucial to the success of reaching the $7500 goal in pledges by March 31.

Many of my supporters are motivated by my art contributing to climate change discussions and this Arctic Circle Expedition being important to furthering this cause.

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