After the Glow of Expedition Acceptance

After the glow of acceptance

After the glow of having been accepted out of hundreds of applicants for the amazing Arctic Circle Arts & Sciences Expedition Residency, I’m figuring out the logistics, and expenses, of getting 5000 kilometres from Ottawa Canada to Svalbard Norway.

At this point in my process, I’m motivated with dreams of exploring glaciers and wildlife from the unique vantage point of a barquentine tall ship, The Antigua, sailing deep in the Arctic Circle, Svalbard Archipelago.

I’m driven by the belief that my art contributes to climate change discussions. And the certainty that my work can be strengthened through international collaborations across disciplines with other participants during this residency.

Creating a Kickstarter project has been helpful in forcing me to clarify exactly what I need to organize in regards to residency fees, travel, special arctic clothing and art supplies. And how to visually articulate my project.

My Kickstarter goal is $7500 by March 31st which was to be launched February 2, but due to typical computer glitches is Monday February 4, 2019. Kickstarter will be managing donation pledges to ensure the utmost security.

For my donators, I’ve created a range of art-related Thank You Gifts inspired by my Arctic Circle experience.

I hope you will find the gift level you love that will also help me get to the Arctic Circle Residency. Thank you for considering my project.

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